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I have been an active member of ISCSW for several years. The society represents an excellent opportunity to share experiences, clinical training and to network with other professionals who hold a common interest. Members often communicate with each other on a regular basis which adds to the overall sense of community within the group. I highly recommend the society for any clinical social worker who wishes to connect with a genuine group of caring professionals.

Clinical Social Workers too often work in isolated settings, where clinical supervision or consultation is not readily available.  I found that as a member of ISCSW one does not have to go searching for a network of connections that support clinical work.  ISCSW is a network of skilled clinical practitioners who can support social workers looking for supervision for licensing, mentoring, ethical consultation, great continuing education, and just friendly get-togethers.  The journal of clinical social work that comes with the membership is top notch too.

ISCSW bolstered my identity as a new clinical social worker interested in depth oriented work, then yielded opportunity for organizational leadership and provided key connections for success as a more advanced practitioner.

As a private practice therapist, ISCSW has been particularly helpful in providing opportunities for networking with other social workers and clinicians. The Sunday Morning Seminars are also enriching and provide another opportunity for networking. The ethics conferences have always been relevant and useful for my practice.

As a new transplant to Chicago, I didn’t know where to start looking for a job that that would provide solid clinical supervision and a healthy working environment.  A friend of a friend connected me with an ISCSW member who readily met with me to talk about potential employment opportunities.  He also invited me to join the ISCSW New Professionals Sunday seminar.  These meetings were beyond helpful in terms of connecting with other “new” social workers, learning more about the social service scene in Chicago, and having a confidential space to talk about the challenges and successes of being a new professional.  I am very grateful to the ISCSW and its members for such a warm welcome to a new city and a new profession.