Burn Rates among Social Workers

Introducing Burnout Prevention & Self-Care, a new ISCSW Newsletter column beginning in the 2017-3 issue. In this issue, we feature a paper that was reprinted with the permission of the author, Austin Kimes MSW. It was originally published in California State University San Bernadino Scholarworks in 2016.

My Personal Canon by Geoffrey Magnus

by Geoffrey Magnus About 10 years ago, I began to wonder if there exists a canon of literature in psychotherapy; i.e., are there books on psychotherapy that everyone in the field should read? To this end, I surveyed over 300 psychotherapists and asked them what books they thought were essential to the field. The results: No one book was recommended by more than three of the psychotherapists I surveyed, and not one psychotherapist recommended a list of more than three books. When I tried to come up with my own list, I came up with just one book, Freud’s Introductory… Read More